Audiences are comprised of individuals.

 Reach micro audiences with specific messaging 

 across all digital platforms.

Citizen X connects brands to digital audiences, providing coordinated campaign management with cross-platform insights to help leverage digital investments.

What we offer

Insights & Optimization of your Digital Investment - that's our focus.

Cross Platform Retargeting

Reach the same audience across all major platforms.

Campaign Management

Let us help maximise your investment with objective -focused campaign management.

Research & Insights

Who are your customers, what drives their purchase decisions & which platforms are performing best for your brand?

Creative Execution

From concept to execution - we can help your brand share its story with engaging content that sets you apart.

Marketing is a contest
for people's attention.

About us

Passionate about Africa and Digital

Transparent digital advertising media buying

Getting things done

Citizen X prides itself on getting things done. Great ideas are born everyday but execution is what sets the success stories & failures apart. We'd like to help you to achieve your brand objective.

Insights & Research

We are passionate about data. We help brands gather data & unlock insights for future marketing endeavours.

The name - Citizen X - tell me more?

Audience retargeting isn't new to the digital industry. But we observed that whilst many brands regularly retarget an audience there are a few fundamental flaws:

  • Audiences are targeted during a campaign but not across multiple campaigns.
  • Retargeted audiences are typically treated as a big buck of users instead of subsets of users that have unique behaviours and ultimately make purchases decisions differently.
  • Insights across multiple platforms are not leveraged.
Citizen X aims to break audiences down into micro sets of similar individuals - ultimately being able to identify how a brand reaches and influences a specific individual - Citizen X.



We provide access to all major & locally relevant digital publishers.


The Google search and display network offer both reach and strong insights for brands.


All types of businesses find value and success with Bing Ads. Whether you’re focused on local calls and foot traffic, or want to drive traffic to your website from across the country or around the world, Bing Ads has solutions for you.


The Yahoo ads network (Gemini), brings mobile search and native ads together. This network lets you target millions of searchers that you won't find on other search networks.

Write drunk; edit sober.

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